Dust n Time Service

Builders Clean

Keep your building site tidy and safe with our builders clean.

Large construction developments often require the need to be cleaned throughout the building process and smaller builds are only cleaned at the completion.

Being flexible for builders is what makes Dust in Time a preferred supplier. We will bend over backwards to fit in with tight timelines.

Builders Clean
Cleaning wet areas and walls, including baths, showers, sinks and toilets.
Cleaning dirt and dust from all areas, nooks and crannies.
Getting up high to clean hard-to-get-to places like duct vents, ceilings and light fixtures.
Cleaning of counter-tops and other kitchen areas, including polishing of any stainless steel.
Polishing and cleaning oven, range-hood. & appliances ready for use.
Thoroughly cleaning all floors – sweep, vacuum and mop. Scrub floors and tiles where applicable.
Checking and cleaning cupboards, cabinets, doors and drawers.
Making sure window sills and tracks and sliding doors are clean.
Cleaning ceiling fans, light fixtures and furniture items.
Cleaning windows & mirrors.

Keep your owners and residents happy with our comprehensive body corporate cleans.